Why does finding progenitors intrigue me so? Well, I am glad you asked. My name is Catherine and I would say I love genealogy, but I think I love family history more. The pursuit of the paths, relationships, successes, failures and the journeys of my ancestors are quite fascinating. It’s hard for me not so share my “latest genealogical find” with my family and friends and sometimes I am sure it goes in one ear and out the other. So this is a place to “put” my finds. Who knows, perhaps a relative or two might stumble upon me!

I hope you enjoy my journey. Let me know! Oh! And remember….Ask question of your elders and share stories with your youth!


2 thoughts on “Why……

  1. Julie Summerell-Teat

    Hello Catherine.
    We’re related via William Wade Carter and Martha Arrington.
    You can contact me via Ancestry (jasummerell) or email julieteat1 at gmail.
    Have a great day!

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