Where did the time go?

Things are a bit cobwebby and dusty over here on the Finding Progenitors website. You might have to take an antihistamine before going too far. Much like those periods where we find no documentation and wonder what in the heck our ancestors were doing, life was happening.

So what in the Finding Progenitors world have I been doing since pandemic times began?

Obtaining a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University was my first task back in the fall of 2020. Headsplittingly difficult but I do not regret the pain.

The “stay at home” pandemic order for an introverted paper-loving organizer like me was productive. My home archives are full and for the most part in order. So many stories waiting to be told.

Most of my time has been spent tackling “The Letters” described in a 2019 blog post. An accomplishment I hope to be able to share with you soon!

Hang tight with me through technical changes on here…social media links, etc….

Stay tuned!

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